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Our Approach

1. Meticulous Research

All our software development projects start the same way. Before we write a line of code we like to do our homework. That means a period of client consultation where we ask lots of searching questions to ensure we fully understand your business needs.

We look at how our software will support your long term goals, fit into your corporate culture and workflows. This is also an opportunity for you, as a business, to test your own assumptions and clarify the purpose of the project. Ultimately, it’s our job to bring your business vision to reality.

2. Expert Teamwork

Having gained the required insights about your business, key stakeholders and the markets in which you operate, it’s time for us to go to work. First, we bring together an expert team of highly skilled project managers, software architects, UX/UI designers and developers. Next, we map out a working plan and build wireframes or conceptual models to help guide the development process.

We believe that client participation is absolutely essential at every step on the road to project success. We will always discuss the choices, challenges and options available to you as part of the development process.

3. Rapid Software Delivery

Agile software development is at the heart of everything we do from mobile apps to complex web-based systems. Agile is a fast-moving iterative process. What we learn today we build on tomorrow.

That’s why we believe delivering software solutions on time and within budget is just the start of an on-going collaborative process. We build software solutions designed to evolve, grow and continually support your business aspirations.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Arkbauer came up with the most appropriate solution for our case, as well as delivered the software confidently and quickly. We are satisfied with the service provided.

Uldis Calpa

Warehouse manager, Kurbads un Ko

After looking at several different companies to outsource our software development project, we decided to work with Arkbauer. They asked us plenty of challenging questions about every aspect of the project, our expectations and desired results. The project ran incredibly smoothly, and the quality of the finished software is just outstanding.

Nermin Ramic

CEO, ESYNET Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

From the very first project, Andris and the team convinced us that they were the right choice with their commitment, competence and reliability. Even difficult challenges were resolved quickly and solutions implemented perfectly. We have been working with Arkbauer for several years now and greatly value their ability to communicate. We are always very pleased with their performance.

Dirk Reuss

Director IT, BIG Social Media GmbH

It’s not always possible to find a reliable, cooperative partner straight away; therefore we started to work with Arkbauer on small project. After our first project Arkbauer proved to be reliable experts in software development, who we can trust not to cause any headaches.

Aivis Brodins

CEO, CV-Online Latvia Ltd

The Arkbauer team takes care of all our internal projects, which takes a big load off our shoulders and lets us focus on our own clients. Because we can’t dedicate much time to our own projects it’s essential we work with developers who understand our business, can think ahead, and work independently. We’re delighted to have found such a great partner, and one so adept at PHP development.

Ivan Gartsev

CEO, ZentralWeb GmbH

Arkbauer supported us during our search for a talented Angular JS developer. We really value their expertise and excellent service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Arkbauer once again for their help and support.

Holger Bergmann

CEO, Bekast IT Consulting GmbH

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