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Marc Dreyer
“We work very closely with the Arkbauer team and we really appreciate that they’ve allowed us to micromanage. Ours is a very productive relationship in that they bring in a lot of technical knowledge while we provide industry-specific input. They proactively contribute their ideas and possess great communication skills.”

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Hotel Cleaning Assistant cross-platform mobile application helps to keep the property (hotel) rooms clean at all times.

The background

Keeping the hotel rooms clean is an inevitable task that has to be managed by the administration and performed by the maids when you run a hotel.

The creation of the daily cleaning and maintenance schedule can be done manually of course, yet it is a huge relief if that can be dedicated to and guided by an IT system.

It is great if the system that has information about the hotel reservations, can tell the administration and the maids, what and when needs to be done in each hotel room and in addition to that can track the time spent on performing the cleaning routine as often the maids are rewarded for the time spent on room maintenance.

Nowadays, when there is a possibility to avoid daily work schedule printouts (which can easily become outdated while the work is being done) and leverage from always up-to-date information provided by a mobile application, it can turn out to be even more fun and efficient.

The business case

The HaDre Hotelsoftware Property Management System (PMS) developed and nurtured by Arkbauer since 2017 used to generate the daily room cleaning schedule printouts.

It was decided that it is time to move forward and implement a modern cross-platform mobile application solution that would not only help the maids to get up-to-date information about what needs to be done in each room but also help to track the time spent on the cleaning process as well as allow easily register issues discovered in the rooms.

The near-real-time information should also be displayed in the room management section in the web application used by the hotel administration.

The solution

API on the backend side

We highly value the capabilities provided by GraphQL API protocol over the widespread REST and classic SOAP. It easily allows specifying exactly what entities and their attributes need to be fetched from the backend or need to be updated. It is possible to query or update multiple entities with all their related entities with just one API call. Fewer API calls and smaller payloads transferred over the network are great benefits, so a GraphQL based backend service was implemented.

Mobile application

Native, cross-platform (Android / iOS) solution developed using Flutter framework featuring:

  • Beautiful user interface and convenient user experience
  • Offline mode allowing to work with the application in the environment without network coverage and automatic syncing once it becomes available
  • Switch between the properties (hotels) for users servicing several of them
  • Room lists segmented by:
    • what still needs to be done
    • what was done
    • where the issues are
  • Each list is subcategorized by:
    • Departures
    • Stayovers
    • Arrivals
  • Quick room details with:
    • information about the room
    • bed linen change indication for convenient work planning
    • reservation
    • special requests
    • breakfast reservation presence
    • comments
  • List of all rooms
  • Room detail view with
    • information about the room, reservation and guests
    • quick access to cleaning procedure controls (Start/Stop)
    • quick access to room issue registry
    • quick access to work logs
  • Search
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Settings section with the possibility to customize room lists & other


Flutter, Dart, Firebase, GraphQL, Android Studio, Xcode, JSON, SQLite.

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