Quanta Future – CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system development of which is based on requirements issued by our Customer – Quanta Future. Yet it is called CRM internally, the developed software solution is a sophisticated business tool that goes beyond the definition of CRM system.

The development of the tool started at the same time the business itself did and while being based on a custom-made software platform, the tool experienced countless iterations and adaptions to meet the neverending changes of business requirements, as the business was continuously seeking for new opportunities and improvements of the existing processes.

Time-to-market was a very important aspect of this project, so the efficiency of new feature development was achieved by combining various agile project management methodologies.


Symfony, Doctrine, MariaDB, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Gearman, Redis, Asterisk, AngularJS, Sass, REST


The CRM includes the following features:

  • advanced segmentation based data queries
  • data synchronization with 3rd party web-services
  • integrated VoIP solutions (call center, click-to-call, robot call campaigns, call forwarding to 3rd party services)
  • integrated payment solutions (instant, scheduled/automatic split payments) using different payment gateways
  • scenario based marketing system (email, SMS, call)
  • white label subsystem with different front-end product support
  • integrated affiliate system
  • performance oriented statistics aggregation subsystem
  • integrated automated front-end product registration system, including
  • domain and SSL certificate registration subsystem
  • integrated webshop subsystem
  • data import subsystem
  • live paid chat subsystem with real-time UI for Customer management and support
  • API subsystem for remote data manipulation procedures
  • promotion tool subsystem
  • dynamic registration form builder
  • desktop notifications
  • and many more…


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