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Christina Winters
Christina Winters
traveldesk GmbH
“Our user experience with the Arkbauer Team was spotless. Their ability to adjust to our special needs from the Travel industry was astonishing. Within no time, our so far ongoing problems were solved and we could finally concentrate on further development.”

Traveldesk Online Booking Engine (OBE) built and tailored to serve the German travel industry providing rich content for flights, car rental, railway, hotels and MICE segment.

The development of Traveldesk system was started in 2012 and was developed over time in close collaboration with the customers and evolving industry needs and trends.


PHP5, MySQL, Phinx, SOAP, XML-RPC, Smarty, jQuery, Gentoo

Our Contribution

We worked on further development and maintenance of the existing system hand-in-hand with the onsite team and 3rd party integration specialists. We started the initial Traveldesk v2.0 research and planning with a deep-dive business requirement analysis back in 2017.


Traveldesk provides an extensive list of features and possibilities, here are the main ones:

Extensive user module

Various user roles and levels e.g. Cost Controller, Line Manager, Head of Division etc. Each user role has specific features available throughout the system to fulfil business logic and task – cost management, approval process etc.

Compliance policies

Normally there are different levels of users within companies who obviously deserve a different kind of attention and level of service e.g. business class flights, premium rental cars etc.

Traveldesk encapsulates these needs through a very dynamic compliance module which allows defining all kinds of rules, e.g. a certain division is not allowed to travel through certain routes (airports) or have specific inbound and outbound price limits. These policies enable users to easily spot none-complaint choices and decide which one to book.

Supervisors are the ones receiving automated messages and deciding which none-complaint bookings are acceptable and which aren’t based on the information provided e.g. alternative flights or hotels for better prices available at the given time.

Travel module

Allows users to make flight (via SoftConEx integration), hotel (via Check24 integration), rental car (Avis, Hertz, Sixt) and railway (DBahn, Thalys) travel reservations.

Travel module provides various booking options, e.g. hotel room types (single, double), hotel stars, services available (wifi, tv, gym, span etc.), flight class (economy, business), desired airline and more.

Booking module

Booking overview per travel type (flight, hotel, rental car, railway) with possibilities to cancel and confirm reservations, access travel details and much more.

Financing module

Traveldesk has been fully integrated with AirPlus payment solution – users even have the possibility to create virtual credit cards. Financing module includes TAMARA interface and data format integration to ensure seamless company billing and financial reporting.

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