Case Study – Web Crawling, Big Data and Business Intelligence

Dirk Reuss
Director IT of BIG Social Media GmbH
“From the very first project, Andris and the team convinced us that they were the right choice with their commitment, competence, and reliability. Even difficult challenges were resolved quickly and solutions implemented perfectly. We have been working with Arkbauer for several years now and greatly value their ability to communicate. We are always very pleased with their performance.”

The internet is a vast resource of data. Our client wanted to mine for information that was freely available on the Web, import it into specially constructed databases and then analyze it for business intelligence purposes.

Since 2010 we have scraped thousands of websites for our clients. Over the years we have perfected a best practice model for getting great results.

Our Approach:

  • Define the source link.
  • Define relevant content.
  • Understand the technical challenge behind the website.
  • Create a parser.
  • Test parser.
  • Deploy parser.
  • Maintain parser.

Smart analysis of Big Data using text and data mining tools has proven invaluable to the world’s largest corporations enabling them to make better, more informed business decisions.

Tools and Technologies:

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