meinClubTV Live-Stream Video and Recording Software

Nermin Ramic
CEO of ESYNET Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
“After looking at several different companies to outsource our software development project, we decided to work with Arkbauer. They asked us plenty of challenging questions about every aspect of the project, our expectations, and desired results. The project ran incredibly smoothly, and the quality of the finished software is just outstanding.”

There are more than 20,000 amateur soccer clubs in Germany. ESYNET Solutions GmbH contacted us because they had a unique start-up idea. They decided to approach soccer clubs with a video streaming and recording software solution that enabled them to have their own branded online TV channel.

The idea being that the client would install remotely controlled video cameras in soccer stadiums across Germany and use specially developed software to live-stream and record matches. Arkbauer won the project to develop the video streaming and recording software. Today our high speed video processing system called EsyCapture is the power behind meinClubTV. Revenue is generated directly from the soccer clubs, advertising, sponsorship and pay-per-view services. Teams can embed the media player in their own websites and social media platforms for marketing purposes. Visit meinClubTVto learn more.

Story at a Glance

The Client

ESYNET Solutions GmbH specializes in streaming sports via the internet, development of their own software products and distribution to the German market.


Sport, entertainment, hospitality.

The Challenge

Build a sophisticated software solution to remotely control video cameras in sports stadiums and soccer grounds using a joystick; live-streaming and recording video content.

Our Solution

We developed high speed video processing software, which we have named EsyCapture. The project was completed on time to a challenging deadline.

Tools and Technologies:

Business Benefits

EsyCapture is used to livestream and record soccer matches, generating revenue. The technology is also used by soccer teams to analyse strategies, tactics and individual player performance.

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