Cross-platform Bible study mobile app

Duncan Heaster
Duncan Heaster
Carelinks Ministries
“I gave Arkbauer the task of producing a sophisticated but easy to use app, coordinating a vast amount of text, audio and video material- every verse of the Bible with commentaries and thousands of related media files. They succeeded well beyond my expectations, kept to schedule, and were understanding and accommodating throughout the development process. I sincerely do recommend them as a solid, responsive and genuinely capable group of professionals. The app has been very successful already. I have every desire to warmly recommend them.”

Duncan Heaster approached us looking for reliable mobile app development company to create Bible Companion mobile app.
There are quite a lot Bible apps available – most of them are old & outdated; some of them are paid apps. The goal was to create no-ads, fully free of charge, modern cross-platform mobile application which is the best ever Bible app in the market.


Daily notes and reading planner for the whole year

Each day, there is a unique message linked to a certain chapters of the books that user is prompted to read.

Text, message & youth audio for each chapter

There are 66 books and more than 1200 chapters in the Bible – each and every chapter has three audio files – text, message & youth.

Deeper commentary on every verse

Each verse can be opened individually to see the related commentary explaining what is meant by that. Commentary has cross references to other verses.

Sophisticated navigation throughout all books, chapters & verses

User is able to read and navigate from first books first chapter till the very last chapter of the last book in the Bible – no need to switch the book or chapter every time.

Easy to use Bible navigation

Bible navigation allows user to easily find desired book, chapter and verse. User can either read the whole selected chapter or open certain verse.

Bible Basics study course with Q&A

Basic Bible study course is included as well which allows new joiners to get around the topic. There are 10 studies with subsections which all have questions in the end – user is able to answer them and submit for feedback via e-mail.

Advanced search

User is able to search for anything in books & commentary.

Progressive audio playing (automatically play next audio file)

Enabled by default, next audio file is automatically played when currently played audio file finishes.

Multi language content (fully manageable by the client via simple JSON manifest file)

We created a sophisticated and easy to use mechanism to enable client to do the content updates (e.g. fixes) and add additional languages as well. All that is managed via simple JSON manifest file where all available languages and their corresponding database files are listed.


Flutter, Dart, Android Studio, Xcode, JSON, SQLite


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