Software development projects can influence the entire company

Lots of businesses nowadays have moved their activity to the web, many are leveraging all that the web and technology can offer to make their businesses more effective and improve their relationship with their customers.

When you start working with software developers, you’ll realize that their involvement with everything is considerable. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that you have the right software development company working with you, below is what you may and should expect:

1. Understanding customer needs

Without understanding your needs and the needs of your customers, the software you are going to create together, may fail badly.

“But why should some IT guy understand what my customers need? As long as I have a vision in my head of what the software should do, can’t I just pass on that knowledge?”,… you may ask.

There is a really good saying when it comes to this: “What the customer wants isn’t necessarily what he really needs”

The job of good software developers is not only to develop what has been asked for, but also to collect information and be clear that what’s been asked for fits together and makes sense. If one link of the chain doesn’t really make sense, it is questionable if that link is wrong, or maybe the link is correct, but some other incorrect links make it look wrong when it isn’t. It is very common to face these situations, especially, if the knowledge about the whole business process is shared across several people in the company and there is no single human being or document, knowing and describing everything in detail.

Very often, after going through the requirement analysis, software developers are the people who understand what is needed and how the organization works best.

2. Creating the face of the company via a website

I guess, no need to explain in detail here. The digital agency you’ve asked to create your corporate style or identity will not only make something good visually, they are also the ones who can trigger the feelings your customers will have, when they look at your company logo or surf through your website.

3. Delivering content to millions of individuals

Software guys could be the ones who implement the mechanisms of how your content is delivered to your potential customers. Which also means that they could be the ones to blame, if it doesn’t happen as expected.

4. Keeping identities safe

There is usually some element of confidential or sensitive data to be kept safe and secure. Software developers, therefore, should make sure the data is not only stored safely, but is also transferred securely when necessary.

5. Making sure the hardware works every time

As more and more information technology services are moved to and hosted in “the cloud”, fewer system administrators in organizations are employed to maintain in house hardware.

Software developers are therefore becoming increasingly important as more and more different technologies are used to develop modern software, which, or course means that the software developers must fully understand the entire company system, with system administrators taking more of a back seat. Software developers, for example, may prepare the server and failover systems themselves, in addition to providing monitoring and support, for hardware as well as software.

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